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On January 22, 1936, Fred C. Koch wrote one of the most important letters of his life. It was to his young sons, written on letterhead from Fred’s office on West Lewis Street in Wichita, Kansas.

Fred Koch

That letter left such a strong impression on Charles Koch that it guided the course of his life. For many years, it has hung on the wall of his office. Charles often shows it to visitors – business associates, friends, reporters, and others – to explain his core values.

In the letter, Fred Koch emphasized some guiding principles he hoped would allow his sons to experience “the glorious feeling of accomplishment.” He expressed his concern about the potential for money to destroy initiative and independence, acknowledged the power of adversity to build character, and encouraged his sons to be both kind and generous. It is a letter that is both straightforward and loving.


The Lewis Street Legacy Society was created to express appreciation and recognition for those who seek to provide a lasting legacy of freedom by including the Seminar Network in their estate plans. By doing so, members join Charles and many of our partners in the fight to ensure these principles thrive for generations to come. This extraordinary commitment will enable the Network to continue its efforts across the key institutions of society—education, communities, business, and government—to break the barriers that stand in the way of people realizing their potential, moving our society toward one of mutual benefit, where people succeed by helping others improve their own lives.

We invite you to join the Lewis Street Legacy Society, connecting with other Seminar partners to promote the principles and values of a society of mutual benefit for generations to come.

Fred Koch Letter